Magi is designed to be energy efficient on the whole, through a variety of dynamic adjustment mechanisms as well as its focus on the CPU mining. The general design concept is to reduce energy consumption during PoW. The use of hybrid PoW/PoS in the meantime secures the network.

  • The energy consumption is largely depressed by limiting under the scope of CPU mining equipment. Resistance to GPU and ASIC based machines are accomplished by employing a particularly designed M7M algorithm which comes with an iterative sequential algorithm;
  • The PoW mining is done through a new M7M algorithm, which enables mining via CPU only (resistant to GPU \& ASIC);
  • PoW mining rewards are suppressed upon the occurrence of large network hash rate. This specifically designed block rewarding system largely frustrates big mining farms (e.g., CPU farms) and thus to a large degree reduces the energy consumption on the whole;
  • Future efforts will be placed on the development of mining mechanisms which emphasize encouraging CPU miners.