How to run minerd (pool and solo mining)

Pool mining

1) Download minerd

2) Run minerd (following examples for Windows; for linux, using./minerd instead of minerd.exe)

minerd.exe -o stratum+tcp://pool:port -u <username> -p <password> -t <number of threads>


set <username> and <password> which should match with your setup in the pool; go to pool site for detail information. minerd.exe should be run from DOS command line, or ./minerd from linux terminal (details see VPS mining guide)

Solo mining

1) Create a conf file

The Conf file should be in the folder: ~/.magi (linux) or %appdata%\magi (windows)
(magi.conf is not necessary, unless you will sole mine; use more complicated pass as you like)

2) Run minerd
minerd.exe --url --user rpcuser --pass rpcpass --threads <number of threads>

8232 is rpcport, rpcuser and rpcpass are user and password you set in magi.conf
set <number of threads> to a number, matching with the threads of your needs.