PoS-II has block time of 1.5 min; once PoS is initiated, the block chain will go faster than what it is now. The PoS-II earnings are proportional to annual interest and coin ages.

The PoS-II interest rate increases with the network weight, that means the more XMG staked, the higher PoS interest rate.

Coin age: the maximum coin age for one who holds 10 % of total coins is 6 times less than one who holds 0.1 % of total coins. The 0.1 %-holder gets the maximum coin age at 30th day. However, the 10 %-holder gets the maximum coin age at $\sim$5th day; while at the 20th day, he only gets nearly negligible coin age. This means for one having 10 % coins in stake, he must carrier out transactions to continue staking.