One may expect the market place will affect the miners鈥behavior significantly. For example, the high-pricing reward leads more miners into the network which immediately move the block reward out of the maximum region. This initiates a self-adjustment of the rewarding system. Realizing the marginal rewards (e.g., at III), some of the miners start ceasing their minings, thus pushing the reward back to the maximum. In this case, it will be relatively less advantageous for miners quickly in and out the mining activity. One will need to show a proof of mining in order to gain sufficient credits to declare the rewards. The new system emphasizes the participation of miners instead of their hashing power.

Miners should be aware of the current low block rewards (5 XMG/block typically) is because of the overtuning of the rewarding system; that is, we are at III, rather than I. This is important; big miners might need to lower their hashrate a little bit, so that the reward will be back to maximum (at I).